A New Way Forward

Meet Janet

Meet Janet

Janet found a new way to go forward by reconnecting with God through the Bible.

"It's been a year of loss and broken dreams." After the passing of a dear friend, family health problems and transitioning to a new job, Janet was stressed and unsure where to turn. "There were times when I just cried myself to sleep," she explained. Being abandoned and rejected by so many, she began to wonder if maybe God didn't want her either.

But that's when Janet found goTandem and reconnected with God through the Bible. "It's funny sometimes, because the verse that comes through that day will be something that is directed towards exactly what I'm feeling. And I had to just go, 'Wow, God, you have perfect timing!'"

Janet told of the times she'd cry out to God pleading, "Can you at least show me where we're going with this?" But those were times God would also remind her of the promises in His Word.

Day by day, Janet is learning to trust in God's guidance. "I'm just really trying to be open to God and say, 'I've been in the desert and I'll wander more if that's where you want me.'"

Today, Janet tells us, "I did find a good church home." And together with the other women at church they minister to the homeless and marginalized locally and internationally. "We're trying to help them feel valuable physically and then be able to minister to them spiritually as well."

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