Not Alone

Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin

"I, like a lot of people, grew up in the church." And it was during a revival meeting that Kevin first came to accept Christ into his life. But it was many years later that God really got ahold of Kevin. "At that point, I said, 'God, you are right; I played church like a lot of people, so at this point, I am ready.'" From that point, Kevin began to grow in his faith.

Kevin admits there have been times in the past 30 years that he's tried to take control of his life, but God would consistently remind Kevin of His presence.

"But," Kevin continues," it wasn't until more recent years that I've really, really craved the closer relationship with God."

After Kevin and his wife settled their grown sons into a new home, Kevin was physically exhausted. And turmoil at work left him emotionally drained as well. This led to, Kevin explained, "just a lot of inner turmoil. A lot of depression was what ultimately came out of it."

Having experienced depression before, Kevin knew "it was time to get some help once again, to go back to the doctor." But this time, there was one more thing to do. "I found that ultimately, I had to fully depend on God, let Him encompass me and just take care of my needs."

"I did this through a series of things," Kevin explained. "Number one, through prayer. My own intimate prayer time with God, asking for his presence, to draw near to me. And goTandem. I get these Bible verses on my phone every day. I would find them to be encouraging, to be uplifting."

The verses he received from goTandem, Kevin explained, "sometimes those might be the only Bible that I see during that day." And while the change wasn't immediate, "I got better bit by bit as the medication began to kick in, and it was God ultimately drawing me closer to Him. It's led me to say I'm about 75 percent better than I was a couple months ago."

"Without my relationship with God, it would have been a much longer, painful road. [With] maybe not even nearly as good of an outcome."

Kevin has also found strength in a close community of believers. "A network of people that I trust to pray for me when I ask. And I commit to pray for them when they do the same. And that's just an awesome, comforting feeling. That God's actually working and changing things."

When asked about what was the most important thing he's learned through his time in Scripture, Kevin told us, "The Scriptures have helped me see that I am not in this alone. That I am not experiencing something new to me or new to mankind."

Finally, Kevin wanted to share "a big thank you to goTandem and putting those verses out there and making them available. Knowing that they pray for people who ask for prayer, I appreciate that. It's been a source of hope for me!"

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