Update from Ron

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Back to the Bible is able to work directly with a ministry to underprivileged children living in the most poverty-stricken area of Jamaica, Trench Town. As part of our commitment to see these children come to know Christ and move forward in their faith, CEO Arnie Cole recently visited Trench Town, and a short time later received this email from Richard Cooke who runs this ministry ...

Dear Arnie,

It was my distinct pleasure to show you Trench Town--which, as you know, we call Joy Town--and our work there. Of course I am heartened and encouraged and frankly excited to hear of your desire and decision to partner with us in reaching the children.

Our answer is a resounding yes--we would really appreciate having Back to the Bible as a partner. Apart from the funds, we need visiting Christian speakers, teachers, and motivational presentations as frequently as we can get them. We have daily life skills sessions in which we teach about life from a practical and biblical perspective. Each child gets a Bible when we get Bibles as gifts.

We need all the Christian help we can get, and I look forward to us doing "God" things together.

Kind regards,

Richard Cooke
Major (Retd)
Joy Town Community Development Foundation

It's your support that helps make this kind of on-the-ground ministry even possible. So thank you! And thank you for your support to help bring the hope of Christ to these desperately needy children in Jamaica.