Flourishing Faith - 3

in Faith/Trust

For a lesson on faith and power, we turn to Abraham. Here's today's Bible Minute.

Perhaps the greatest shot of faith that Abraham had was when God said to him in his old age, "You're going to father a child with Sarah your wife" that's in Genesis 17:19. Now, you know, they had some difficulty believing that--let's face it, they were old! But ultimately they did believe.

And here's the thing: Our faith flourishes when it's placed in the promises of God, placed in the Word of God, placed in the power of God.

Matthew 19:26: "With God", Jesus says, "all things are possible". And then the flip side from John 15:15: "Without Me," you can do nothing."

So if you have faith in the power of God, God will do things that you don't even believe possible!

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