Faith and Righteousness

in Salvation Faith/Trust

Faith and righteousness go together, as you'll see with this Bible Minute.

Genesis chapter 15:6 tells us, "And he" (that's Abram) "believed in the Lord; and He" (that's God) "accounted it to him for righteousness." Now what does it mean to believe in the Lord?

Well, Hebrews 11 tells us that if we come to God in faith we have to believe He exists. So believing in God's existence is one thing. But this is more. It's personal. This is entrusting your future to God. This is entrusting your eternal destiny to God. This is entrusting your deepest needs to God. Now in Abram's case, his deepest need was for a son. He had none, but he believed in the Lord and the Lord answered Abram's prayer.

But also, did you notice what else happened when Abram exercised this faith by believing in God? God took Abram's faith and chalked it up as righteousness.

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