What Is Holy

in God

 So, why does God have to judge us? Find out on today's Bible Minute.

God is holy, and He can only dwell in a holy environment. I know that from Leviticus 20 and also from Deuteronomy 26. You and I are unholy, and we cannot live in a holy place if we are unholy. Here's my conclusion then: God and man cannot live at the same place. You and I can't live with God.

That's why Jesus Christ came to die for us. He came to pay the penalty for our sins so we that could live with a holy God, but you can't just go to heaven and take a whole bunch of unholy stuff with you, you know? So the Judgment Seat is necessary to determine what is holy and what is not holy.

We need to know God's standards for holiness. Take a look, at backtothebible.org.