Worthy of Reward

in Jesus Second Coming/Rapture/End Times

Today on the Bible Minute, let's look at why Jesus judges our service.

The holy God can reward only services done in righteousness and in faith. The Bible tells us that in Matthew 6 and Hebrews 11. Now it's true, not all of my service to God is going to be done in righteousness and faith. And God cannot reward all of my service because it wasn't done in righteousness and faith.

That is exactly what the Judgment Seat of Christ is designed to do. It's designed to test our work to see of what kind it is. To test it by fire to see if indeed our lives of service are worthy of bringing to heaven and worthy of reward that will last forever.

At the Judgment Seat, Christ will test the quality of your service. So how about a little prep? Find more resources at backtothebible.org.