Finishing Well

Meet Clifford

Meet Clifford

Jack Burke (shown left) serves in ministry partner relations for Back to the Bible and has the privilege of meeting many of our most faithful supporters face-to-face. He shares one of his on-the-road stories of meeting Clifford (right).

"I have rarely met a man who wants to do so much for the cause of Christ and to finish well for the Kingdom!"

Clifford, an 87 year-old Tennessean has had a long and blessed life. Jack shares that Clifford "is one of those guys that seems to know how to do everything--from running his own coal mining operation in the Tennessee hills, to carpentry and dairy farming."

It was many years ago that Clifford and wife, Joyce, first encountered Back to the Bible. At that time, Joyce had been wrestling with the idea of eternal security, "so much so that she often was afraid to open her Bible out of fear that she wouldn't measure up." By God's grace, she tuned her radio to Back to Bible one day and heard Theodore Epp (founder and Bible teacher) preaching on eternal security. That day, "her fear was permanently erased."

Over the years Clifford and his wife ministered to their family and friends. Jack recalls the stories Clifford would tell "about the amazing opportunities they had to help others--paying for a neighbor's house repairs after a fire; paying for an employee's operation; providing a car for a neighbor without one."

In 2015, Joyce passed away. But before she left, she and Clifford had decided they would give back to Back to the Bible to support its future ministry. While spending a couple days with Clifford in the hills of Tennessee, Jack was able to tell him about goTandem, Back to the Bible's daily discipleship app. "Clifford got excited and told me, 'this is exactly what our world needs. The timing is perfect to make this gift.'"

Because of your faithful support, Back to the Bible has been there to minister to several generations--encouraging them in their faith, and bringing the Bible to them on a daily basis. Thank you!

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