Choosing to say yes

David is the Manager of Development for La Biblia Dice, Back to the Bible's Spanish-speaking ministry based in Ecuador. The film is narrated by Pablo Logacho, director of La Biblia Dice.

"Actions speak louder than words." It's a phrase common to many and tossed around through visual and aural means, yet how often do these words lose their meaning almost instantaneously as a result of inaction?

David and his wife Johi were living a comfortable life, nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador. As Johi was headed back to college for an additional degree, David found his stride in ministry. Few worries and predictable days defined their existence, yet an invitation sought to turn it all upside down.

Challenged by a local leader seeking to plant a church in one of Quito's poorest and crime-ridden neighborhoods, not a single hand or volunteer rose to the occasion one night during a gathering. And who could blame them? The allure of comfort and security are central to the human psyche.

David and Johi couldn't stop thinking about that challenge.

Within a few months, they packed up their home, put several opportunities on hold and moved to this challenging neighborhood. They've turned a basic, three-story cinderblock structure into both a church and their home, which now includes a young daughter and dog.

Their willingness to embrace the unknown has already made improvements in the lives and culture of this neighborhood, one that even the police won't visit after dark due to violence. But through incremental improvement and consistent mission, David and Johi are seeing firsthand the effects of choosing to say yes. They've even used Back to the Bible's goTandem app in the Spanish language as a tool to bring hope to the people they've connected with.

Words rarely change things, but actions do.

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