A Newfound Strength


Meet Holli

Through goTandem, Holli has found Christian fellowship.

After her husband died five years ago, Holli felt her life was unraveling. With medical expenses piling up and family members reliant upon her for support, Holli began to feel that she was on her own. "I had no support system."

It was during this time that Holli found goTandem. "I downloaded your app and I took the survey, and every day the verse and the study questions fit what I was going through that day."

For Holli, life is still a day-to-day challenge but she now has a source of strength. "I felt loved by you. I wasn't just somebody that subscribed to your app. You knew me as a person. You were praying for me as a person. You were prayer warriors and things were getting done."

Thanks for making a difference in Holli's life!

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