They Actually Responded!

Meet Lauren

Each year Back to the Bible staff prays for and responds to more than 7,000 requests from our goTandem users and Back to the Bible radio program listeners.

This commitment to prayer has had a profound impact. Lauren recently told us:

"I contacted goTandem about sad family matters. They actually responded and it was not a canned letter. I was able to pray about the situation and so far, I am okay with being alone at our retirement center where there are others with no place to go on the holidays. I am able to encourage them instead of getting stuck in my own sadness. Reaching out to goTandem helped me reach out to my brother and sister residents to help them which also helps me. Jesus helped me in all of this!"

goTandem is also opening up new opportunities for Mike. In a recent email, he shared about the impact prayer is having on his life.

"I just got my prayer card in the mail and I want to thank everyone for praying for me. I really believe I can sense the results. I know God is continuing to work in my life. I know He has great things in store. There are opportunities that I never had before."

Ellois also told of how she draws closer to her Good Shepherd through goTandem.

"I want to thank you for the amazing Scriptures you send me. I many times share them on Facebook or Tumblr. No one but you ever ask what prayers I need. As I scroll through your verses sent daily, I thank my Shepherd for the verses."

Every day, with every email and letter, we are reminded of the awesome power of God. We are humbled to be part of ministering to those who need God's peace. And we are proud to work alongside men and women like you who care about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers advance into the world.

If you have a prayer request you'd like to share, email us at

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