Finding Perspective through the Caseloads

  Meet Matt

Meet Matt

Matt is a nurse in a small mid-western town. Like many places, nurses are in high-demand, which requires him to work long, irregular hours. He recently shared with us about his struggle to find time to meet with God on a daily basis. Here's his story:

"I have been a nurse for almost four years. My career has required me to work very awkward hours--up to 16 hours shifts. I have always struggled to find a "quiet time" to spend with God.

"I shared this struggle with a friend and he recommended Back to the Bible. I took his suggestion seriously, but the pace of life caught up to me. Finally, I decided that I needed to try your email list.

"Now I read the emails you send before I start my caseload for the day. It is a great way for me to keep a proper perspective on life, and it gives me the regular reminder that my work is work for His Kingdom."

Through our devotional emails and apps, many are finding the help they need to connect with God on a daily basis. Thank you for helping Matt find the perspective he needs to start the day off right!

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